Data Sources

This service is partly based on data and products of the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts .

Foreca seeks to use all the data sources fit for a particular forecasting point/territory. The choice of sources strongly depends on data reliability, stability of data flow from sources and various other factors which are part of a complex data selection algorithm Foreca employs. In total, Foreca gathers and fuses 50+ different data sources world-wide.

The following is a non-exhaustive sample of current incoming weather data providers per country in alphabetical order:

  • Austria (ZAMG)
  • EU (Copernicus, EUMETSAT)
  • Finland (FMI, ELY, commercial w/license)
  • France (MeteoFrance)
  • Japan (JMBSC, RSMC Tokyo, commercial w/license)
  • Germany (DWD, commercial w/license)
  • The Netherlands (KNMI, commercial w/license)
  • South Korea (commercial w/license)
  • Spain (AEMET, commercial w/license)
  • Sweden (SMHI, TrafikVerket, commercial w/license)
  • Taiwan (CWA)
  • UK (UK MetOffice, commercial w/license)
  • USA (NOAA, DOTs, JPL, NHC, commercial)

Foreca has integrated over a dozen different weather models into its system. To put it simply, Foreca seeks to provide the best possible forecasting output for a forecasting territory, whether an in-house model output or some 3rd party solution, including government services. The choice was made after thorough comparisons of data sources and constant sensing of latest offerings available in the field of meteorology. The data selection process is constant, and Foreca continuously adds new data sources, sometimes dropping old ones, if they no longer perform up to expectations.

Radar display may include data from:

  • Aemet
  • BOM
  • CWA
  • DMI
  • DWD
  • Protezione Civile
  • FMI
  • EC
  • Met Eireann
  • MeteoSchweiz
  • MF
  • Met Office
  • SMHI
  • SMN
  • JMA
  • KMI
  • KNMI
  • InMet
  • NWS
  • ZAMG

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